Madrid Solo Exhibition 2024

In the realm of new abstraction, attempts to explain a piece end up becoming its own limitation. In painting, discovering the hidden energy entails understanding a bit more and breaking that limitation to go further. Even without comprehending anything, images and poetry draw us closer and pull us away from the beauty, the good, the true in an inexplicable manner.

This mystery, one we cannot explicitly unveil, is the material with which to construct images. Always something new within indefiniteness, eluding the dangers of formalism and delving into the internal logic of things. Explanations are often crafted as fiction to make us feel secure and believe we understand it all.

Symbolizing the inner world by observing the outer has not a single direction but multiple origins, a confrontation with poetic imagery, an intuition that beyond metaphor lies something more than the mere substitution of reality.

This has always been the fundamental principle of the creator. Brancusi, Flavin, Long, whose simplicity, paradoxically, evolves into an ever more demanding creative language to practice.

This is Enrich. R’s adventure, and this is the choice of his path, always seeking the personal expression of the lived landscape.

Simplicity, transience, imperfection, asymmetric forms that acquire a mysterious tension when Enrich. R decides to capture them on the surface of his canvases. Backgrounds, evaporated color, blurred pathways. Organic shapes that lose their trace, imprints heading towards the void.

Just like his water stains drying on the wall in the sun, each painting has its journey, and each of their ideas, a gesture of logical beauty. Thus, canvas by canvas, Enrich.R constructs the letters of their code, creating suspended spaces and strokes lost in the immensity of time.