Two weeks residency/ Empordà

During the month of June Enrich R opted to work in the artist’s residency of the Alzueta Gallery located in La Bisbal d’Empordà.
A huge industrial building, full of space allowed him to work in sizes and techniques he never worked with.
The possibility of working in outdoor spaces was also an important factor for him, stretching the fabrics and working them on the ground. Playing with the reactions of the paintings under the high temperature of the sun allowed him to achieve new textures and colors.
Water was one of the big reasons to work during his stay, where he combined his water performance project with his paintings. Using a pressurized water hose, he worked the paintings in a different way than he is used to. Tearing off the first layers of paint with a water pressure jet allowed him to be able to display the inside of the painting in a different way.