Water Painting Exhibition

My research emerges through monochrome drawings made with water. Looking for accidental elements and enigmatic silhouettes that bring me closer to abstraction and land art. Universal and existential concepts, where art goes beyond the action itself, such as the simplicity of Richard Long. The ephemeral of things and the time as a concept are bases of the performance.
The wall appears as a huge board format where the drawings appear and erase.

This photographic exhibition shows 8 photographs taken by Nacho Alegre and an audiovisual directed by Beltrán Gonzalez. It is about 8 different abstract works executed with a water hose and a wall.

An old friend once told me this story:

There was, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, a small island without drinking water. On this island, however, men and women had lived for years. As the island had no water sources, the inhabitants devised a system to survive. Noticing that a mist would emerge every morning along the cliffs, they had the idea of building nets, which they hung on the rock faces. These nets captured the condensing mist. At the bottom of these nets, buckets collected the water from condensation. It is thanks to this ingenious system that they mana- ged to live.

This story tells me what great artists are: men and women capable of imagining and creating systems to capture.
We often confuse the artist and the alchemist. When the alchemist claims to produce gold, artistic creation is intended to be of another order: no longer an activity of production but rather of capturing.

Capturing the living that keeps escaping us, surpassing us. So this activity goes through captu- re devices, whatever the discipline. And it takes infinite precision to capture what is vital and yet ephemeral. It takes a know-how but also a certain necessity.

When I discovered the work of Einrich R, I imme- diately felt this level of requirement.
Because we know that everything is there, that the living , which is the real gold, is not produced, but passes through us.

We know that we almost never measure up to this life that is beyond us. Almost never.
Except when we paint.

Yoann Bourgeois Paris 2022